TSCPCR Activities

In order to attain the Commission's Mandate of ensuring that each and every child has an access to all entitlements and enjoys all her rights, the Commission's focus is on the following tasks:

  • The first is to build public awareness and create a moral force in the country to stand by children and protect their rights. A National Conscience has to be generated that captures the imagination of each citizen to take pride in the nation because it takes care of all its children.
  • Armed with this kind of a mood the Commission's task is to look at the gaps in the policy framework and the legal framework and make recommendations to see that rights-based perspective is adhered to by the Government, while it makes its policies.
  • Thirdly, the task of the Commission is to take up specific complaints that come up before it for redressal of grievances and also take up suo moto cases, summon the violators of child rights, get them presented before the Commission and recommend to the Government or the Judiciary, action based on an inquiry.
  • Finally, the role of the Commission is in arming itself with proper research and documentation. The legitimacy and credibility to what the Commission says and does is based on solid research and data. Though everyone in the country knows that the predicament of the majority of children in our country is vulnerable and that children are not treated well, this has to be substantiated by information; it cannot just be an emotional argument.

The above tasks are to be rendered in a manner that the child is regarded as an individual with a character and mind of her own, not to be patronized in a relationship of benefactor and beneficiary. There is no favour to the child, it is the duty of the State to fulfill its obligations and the duty of society to create the environment where the child is in the centre of all decisions pertaining to the child. The Commission is of the opinion that in addressing the child, there is a focus on rendering dignity to the child, who is at the moment most vulnerable in society.